Canada prohibited import of Ukrainian puppies

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) made a decision that protection of animal health should be mandatory.

From July 6, 2020 CFIA will no longer arrange permits for transportation puppies from Ukraine that are under 8 months. That happened because last months on flight of Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) from Kyiv to Toronto 38 puppies arrived dead. On that flight was 500 dogs and when plane landed in Pearson International Airport, Toronto, animals where looked unrest, some of them where vomiting and seemed thirsty. UIA brought their brought condolences and informed that would work with Ukrainian authorities to investigate what happened.

But Canadian Food Inspection Agency informed that there was on Investigation from Ukrainian side according this matter. So, in this case was decided to prohibit import o dogs from Ukraine.

“The CFIA’s decision is based on investigation findings of possible failures to comply with import requirements, including animal welfare concerns. These actions will remain in effect until the CFIA is satisfied that import conditions and international transport standards are in place and that animals will travel safely in the future,” according official statement.