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Customs Clearance in Ukraine

In International transportation process is involved customs clearance formalities from the both sides: in place of departure and in the place of delivery. For majority of customer’s customs clearance formalities is something hard and unknown. But is not for our team.

Types of Document for custom clearance

We, custom cleareance agent in Ukraine, always ready to assist you with any issues regarding customs clearance formalities. So, please contact us to get best service in shortest time.

Temporary Import/Export

Besides common customs clearance formalities our team are also able to organize temporary import/ export customs clearance. Especially it’s common when cargo should be deliver to some exhibition events, or if cargo should be send back to supplier for repairing.

Ukraine has signed ATA Carnet Convention. So, with ATA Carnet customs document it’s possible not to pay duties and taxes for temporary goods customs clearance in 87 countries. With issuing ATA Carnet you have 12 months to ship goods back to Ukraine. Normally ATA Carnet covers: commercial samples, professional equipment and good for fairs and exhibitions.

Consumable items such as agricultural products (food, seeds, fertilizer, pesticides), explosives, disposables and postal traffic cannot travel under an ATA Carnet. For that kind of goods will need to arrange temporary import/export customs clearance with paying refundable duties and VAT.

Our custom cleareance agent are able to assist with temporary export/import customs clearance with ATA Carnet or without it. Just contact out team for more information.

exhibition cargo clearance

In modern world so many suppliers want to spread their trading connections in different countries. So, they are trying to take part in different exhibition events all over the globe. For that they need to take their goods for exhibition. The main task is in organizing temporary export/import formalities and arranging transportation to the military point.

Our team has experience in organizing transportation of goods to exhibition events. We are not only able to arrange temporary export customs clearance and organize air/sea/truck delivery, but due to the wide partner network, we are able to organize temporary import customs clearance and deliver shipment directly to exhibition side. After exhibition, we would assist with delivery cargo back to Ukraine.

So, exhibition in other country it’s not as complicated as you might consider to be, just leave your cargo transportation task for Datrans ltd professional team.

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