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Local Services

Datrans Ltd can be your local partner and help to organize all procedures that need for export or import cargo in Ukraine.

We understand the different needs of the business and are ready to assist in the implementation of any specific tasks in preparing the cargo for transportation. Like handling agent we can be in any port (port Odessa, port Chernomorsk) or airport (KBP, LWO, ODS) in Ukraine.

Types of Document for custom clearance

Our team is always ready to assist you with any issues regarding local services in Ukraine.So, please contact us to get best service in shortest time.

Warehouse services

Datrans ltd. has own warehouses in Ukraine, besides that we have wide network of partners in different countries. So, we could easily use their warehouses to consolidate our client’s cargo, repack it if necessary, and store it for a while.

On warehouse workers are able:
  • Receive cargo;
  • Pack or unpack cargo;
  • Print and stick labels;
  • Measure and weigh cargo;

If necessary could call courier express company and organize last mile delivery across the country.

Last mile delivery

Nowadays is very common to organize delivery door to door. Majority of clients wants:

  • Get full service, when someone took goods from their warehouse;
  • Arrange customs clearance;
  • Ship it to other country;
  • Arrange import customs clearance in destination country;
  • Deliver by truck or by courier company to consignee’s door;

More and more clients work with trading platform Amazon, and they seek for the companies that could arrange door to door delivery including last mile delivery. In USA we have warehouse, so could easily pick up cargo from airport/port, deliver to our warehouse and from there arrange last mile delivery to Amazon FBA center.

That’s service we could arrange not only in USA, but in many other countries as well, such as: Ukraine, China, India, EU countries, Taiwan, South Korea, Canada, Brazil, etc.

So, if you need assistance with last mile delivery, just contact our team.

Handling in airport/seaport

In Ukraine we have representatives in biggest airports and seaports. We are able to arrange handling and terminal formalities in

  • Boryspil (KBP) airport
  • Odessa (ODS) airport
  • Lviv (LVO) airport
  • Odessa seaport
  • Chornomorks seaport
In airport/ seaport we are able to handle your cargo for import/export. As well we could arrange customs clearance directly in airport/seaport. Also, if client requires, we could pick up cargo from airport/seaport and deliver to final consignee door.

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